About Us

You probably already know that Cedar Valley United Way holds annual campaigns and distributes funds to worthy programs. But you may not realize your CVUW does so much more. Cedar Valley United Way makes it their mission to be experts on the complex and ever-changing human condition throughout the Cedar Valley. They strive to be a resource organizer and community problem-solver, with initiatives and collaborative projects that put your contributions to work where they’re needed most.

Cedar Valley United Way has a unique fund distribution and community planning process that calls on volunteers and staff to determine the extent of need in our community and assess each agency and program to verify its ability to provide an effective safety net for individuals and families. With careful planning, they make sure the resources at their disposal – including dollars, volunteers and in-kind services – go where they will do the most good and help make the Cedar Valley a better place to live.

Our Mission

Leveraging resources to help people, change lives, and make your community investment count throughout the Cedar Valley.

Our Vision

To be the leader in building caring and vital relationships throughout the Cedar Valley that produce positive results, gather and disperse community resources, and yield measurable impact.

Our Values

  1. We value and believe in integrity, which guides our role as a trusted steward of community resources and our relationships with community partners.
  2. We value and believe in compassion, which guides our practices, processes and actions to proactively identify, understand and respond to the needs throughout the community.
  3. We value and believe in collaboration and inclusion as the most effective and strategic approach to create community solutions to identified needs.
  4. We value and believe in accountability by expecting ourselves and community partners to be results-oriented by identifying measurable outcomes and holding ourselves responsible for achieving those outcomes.
  5. We value and believe in our commitment to the Cedar Valley by thoroughly understanding the root causes of community needs, making thoughtful decisions and taking determined actions to address those needs.