Be The ONE who makes the Cedar Valley's aspirations reality. It takes just one person to change a life. With United Way, anyone can be the one to help thousands of people in our community. 

United as ONE community, we all bring our unique talents and gifts to the table to make the Cedar Valley thrive. You might be the one who volunteers your time so that a 3rd grader can read proficiently. You might be the one to provide an opportunity that launches a career. You might be the one to erase the stigma of mental illness that opens a door for a friend to seek help. You might be the one who gives a gift that transforms a life. Regardless of what your gifts or talents are, you can be the one to make a difference in our community.

United Way has a history of bringing our community together as one to improve education, income and health. United Way recruits people with the passion, expertise and resources needed to get things done. This collaboration allows our community to work as one to tackle issues that are too big for any one person or organization to solve. 

We are asking you to be the one to give to Cedar Valley United Way. Explore how your gift to United Way works each and every day. Help us educate others about the work that is happening to make the Cedar Valley stronger. Please join us in supporting Cedar Valley United Way during the 2016 campaign. Be the One to make a difference. 

What do you aspire for the Cedar Valley? Tell us by posting to social media using #CVUNITES. Together, we can make these aspirations reality. Please join us by giving to Cedar Valley United Way.

Don and Michelle Temeyer 

2016 Campaign Co-Chairs