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Maria is a first time mom of an infant daughter Anne. She learned about Parent to Parent programming after Anne was born, when staff visited her at the hospital and invited her to attend. She began attending Parent to Parent when Anne was just four weeks old and has come every month since then. She has shared that being a part of this group is special to her because her family is from one cultural background and Anne’s father’s family is from a different cultural background, so there is a lot of debate regarding parenting. “This is a safe atmosphere where I can talk with other parents and learn from their experiences,” she says. Maria has brought friends of hers along with her to Parent to Parent and is encouraging members from her cultural community to come as well. Maria has said that she has enjoyed the safe sleep information, sign language, and massages the most and adds that Anne is even beginning to pick up on some simple signs after coming to a session on infant sign language!


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